Conference & Seminar Room Rental

In addition to the option of renting an office on an hourly basis in Leipzig, with which you can realize your business ideas quickly and professionally at any time, we also offer a conference/seminar room for meetings and training courses starting from EUR 10.- plus VAT per hour.
Depending on the seating configuration, the room has a capacity of up to 16 seats for conferences and of up to 21 seats for seminars (can be extended up to 28 seats).
In addition to the flexible seating, the standard equipment includes a projector (fixed installation on the ceiling), a screen, a big whiteboard and two flip charts/whiteboards.
There are also sufficient parking spaces in front of and next to the building.
We can also add temporary signs for your conference of training course in the entrance area and on the corresponding floor of the building.
Upon request, we will organize appropriate catering for you, as well.
See the price list.

Variante 1: mit 12 Plätzen

Variante 3: mit 14 Plätzen

Variante 5: mit 16 Plätzen

Variante 7: mit 12 Plätzen

Variante 9: mit 12 Plätzen

Variante 11: mit 15 Plätzen

Variante 13: mit 21 Plätzen

Variante 2: mit 12 Plätzen

Variante 4: mit 14 Plätzen

Variante 6: mit 16 Plätzen

Variante 8: mit 8 Plätzen

Variante 10: mit 16 Plätzen

Variante 12: mit 21 Plätzen

Variante 14: mit 28 Plätzen

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